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Download ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC 2015 v 9.2 Full For Mac OSX

Đăng bởi : Admin28/02/2017

Chia sẻ phần mềm dựng phim Adobe Premiere Pro cc 2015 v9.2 mới nhất cho anh em 
Adobe Premiere Pro CC là một phần mềm dùng để biên tập, cắt ghép chỉnh sửa video, nó dùng để biên tập các đoạn phim ngắn, phim tài liệu và các bộ phim nổi tiếng của hollywood, điểm mạnh của Adobe Premiere CC đó là nó tương tác với các sản phẩm khác của Adobe, từ đó giúp cho công việc dựng phim của nhà làm phim được thuận tiện hơn rất nhiều


Thông tin
  • New native formats are supported: JPEG 2000 MXF Op1a, Panasonic 4K 444, Canon XF-AVC Model A, DNxHD with compressed alpha, and Dolby 5.1 export
  • Looks applied in Premiere Clip now pass through to Premiere Pro (requires latest version of Premiere Clip)
  • A composite view is shown in the 2-up display in the Program Monitor when drag-trimming an edit point in the timeline
  • A Video Mixdown option is available when exporting AAF
  • The anchor point can be dragged in Direct Manipulation
  • Consolidate and Transcode now supports handle durations of up to 999 frames
  • Fielded footage can be monitored over HDMI
  • Trim and Nudge can use the same keyboard shortcut
  • ProRes media performance has been improved by up to 2x on Mac
  • A ‘Hide’ checkbox has been added to the Project Panel, and a ‘View Hidden’ option to the contextual menu in the Project Panel, so that users can have items in sequences which are not visible in the Project Panel by default
  • A ‘Preserve Alpha’ checkbox has been added to Consolidate and Transcode
  • Support for RED DEB, REDcolor4 and DRAGONcolor2 has been added
  • Up and down cursor arrows can be used to adjust numerical parameters
  • The maximum sequence size is now 16K
  • The Project Panel can be sorted by XMP metadata
  • Input only devices can be used on the Mac without needing to create an aggregate device
  • Source Settings for RAW formats now appear as intrinsic Master Clip Effects, and Source Settings can be applied to multiple selected clips in the Project Panel
  • Master Clip Effects can be removed from the Project Panel
  • 4-point editing has been improved by enabling Ignore Source Out
  • Clip Markers are still displayed in the timeline for tracks set to minimum height
  • In loop playback Trim mode in the program monitor, the I and O buttons can be used to adjust the position of the edit point on the fly
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to Play Audio In to Out and Play Video In to Out
  • A Revert Trim Session button can be added to the Program Monitor to enable an edit point to be returned to its original position before Trim Mode was entered
  • The transition UI has been restored in the Effects Control Panel
  • An eyedropper tool is available in the Color Matte dialog
  • Improved support for discontinuous timecode in Multicam workflows
  • Subsequences can be created from parts of a sequence
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